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11 Fascinating Body Features You May Only See Once in a Lifetime

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Here at Bright Side, we’ve collected some of the rarest characteristics ever found on people and we wanted to take you on a magical journey with us to see for yourself.

1. Albinism

11 Fascinating Body Features You May Only See Once in a Lifetime


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This gorgeous model was photographed at 16 years old by the talented photographer Danil Golovkin. At first glance, she looks like a porcelain doll, but in reality, she has albinism, a rare genetic disorder in which people who are affected by it lack pigment in their eyes, hair, and skin. The name of this model is Nastya Kumarova and she has a very successful modeling career thanks to her magnificent look.

This unique looking model, also affected by albinism is named Sir Maejor Page, otherwise known on social media as “The Minister of Justice” and he’s taking the movie and acting world by storm. Through his magnificent look, he embraces his beauty and his career is thriving.

2. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome

Sara Geurts is using her thriving modeling career to raise awareness for her rare genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos syndrome. The 27-year-old model is using her platform to show how this syndrome manifests in her body. Sarah learned over time that her skin looks beautiful and unique and embraces every part of it.

3. Ectodermal dysplasia

This beautiful 26-year-old model from Germany was born with a rare genetic disorder called ectodermal dysplasia which affected her facial structure. Through her positive outlook and love for photography, she became an inspiration to thousands of people who look up to her.

4. Anisocoria

5. Dermatographia

This might seem like a painful attempt to create a 3D tattoo but it is, in fact, a skin condition that affects 2% of the earth’s population called dermatographia. Dermatographia, otherwise known as skin writing, causes raised welts after someone’s skin has been scratched even lightly. The welts usually disappear within 30 minutes. Some people use their skin condition to create temporary art pieces and share them with the world.

6. Rare beauty marks

7. Waardenburg syndrome

Stef Sanjati is a YouTube sensation who came into the spotlight when she posted a video about her Waardenburg Syndrome, a genetic mutation she inherited. This condition is characterized by different degrees of deafness, structural defects, and changes in pigmentation. People who have this condition have brilliantly blue eyes that are often described as “icy blue”.

8. The cat eye syndrome

This beautiful boy whose eyes look identical to a wild cat’s eyes has a rare chromosomal disorder called cat eye syndrome. People with this disorder have various malformations that affect the iris and ears. This disorder is not inherited but occurs randomly during the formation of the egg throughout pregnancy.

9. Extraordinarily long legs

This beautiful model Ia Ostergren who won the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people on social media has the longest legs in the world. They are 108 cm long and are disproportionate to the rest of her body. However, this never stopped her despite the bullying she faced from other kids as a teenager. She learned to embrace her beautiful legs and loves bodybuilding. She continues thriving in her field.

10. Argyria

This might look like a case of Photoshop editing but it’s actually a rare case of Argyria. Paul Karasonwas suffering from a bad case of dermatitis and was taking silver compounds to treat his condition and minimize the effects. Those compounds react to light the way melanin does but instead of giving the person a tan, they turn their skin silver. Unfortunately, the silver does not dissipate which means the silver skin is irreversible.

11. The beauty of the beard

Which of these physical features did you like and which ones surprised you the most? Please let us know in the comments below!

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