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Top 10 WWE Most Highest Paid WWE Wrestler 2018


In this Post You Know about Top 10 WWE Most Highest Paid WWE Wrestler 2018. Sports provide United States highest entertainment and have a top fan following. Wrestling is one

of the most common games across the globe. In this match, WWE is that the leading franchise with models, athletes, boxers and other people from different fields. It’s in camera in hand

and in public listed entertainment company that earns revenue of over $500 million each year.

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Top 10 WWE Most Highest Paid WWE Wrestler 2018.


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10. Dean Ambrose: Annual Salary: $1.1 Million

Dean Ambrose is AN Yankee fighter WHO created his debut in wrestling in June 2004. He signed by WWE on April fourth, 2011 and his Matcha challenge against Rollins that resulted


from the real draw. Late 2012, he joined Rollins and Roman at Survivor series. The trio was named “The Shield.” With several fights against massive wrestled, The defend favorite


among viewers. But 2016, started as the single act when The protect broke up. Ambrose also received a universal wrestler of the year in 2014 and 2015. At present, he takes home


earnings of $1.1 million and has a net worth of $6 million and one in all the rising stars for coming back a year. Top 10 WWE Most Highest Paid WWE Wrestler 2018.

9. Kane: Salary: Annual Salary: $1.3 Million

WWE Kane Start his career in 1992. He participated in many competition in different wrestling Associations inside United State. Total 18 championships to his name as well as Tag Team


Championship, World Heavyweight and ECW Championship. He has been a part of WWE for over 20 years now. His net price is somewhere over $7 million. Highest Paid WWE Wrestler 2018.

8. big Show: Annual Salary: $1.5 Million

Big Show is one in all the most celebrated names in WWE from the 90s itself. Big show joined WWE in 1999 and won a Heavyweight championship for seven times. He conjointly succeeded



well with tag Team Championships with the eleven-time winner. Within the history of WWE, he’s 13th grand slam Winner and 24th Triple Crown. Outside the ring, Big Show also is seen in



few movies like Star Trek, Royal Pains and the lead role in many and straightforward more televisions appearances. He could conjointly be the top guy in WWE. However, he



still has estimated internet value of $15 million from WWE, and he’s also one of the TOp 10 High Paid Wrestler wrestlers in the world. Most Highest Paid WWE Wrestler 2018



7. The Undertaker: Annual: earnings $2 million

WWE longest-tenured performing artist, The Undertaker entered WWE in the Nineties. He is famed for recorded numbers of straight twenty-one victories at WWE PPV, Wrestle-mania



thirteen, XXIV, and XXVI. Winner of 2007 Royal Rumble, he was the first fighter to enter and last one to survive and win. In 2015, he was known as “ world’s greatest sportsmen” by The



Telegraph journalist Tom Fordy. At present, he works quite a handful in WWE each year and still manages to induce paid nearly $2 million. He has earned his cash ANd schedule over



previous few decades and created a legacy with an estimated net worth of $16 million. WWE Highest Paid WWE Wrestler.

6. Roman Reigns: Annual Salary: $2.1 Million

Roman Reigns started as a professional football player from Canada however if one belongs to Anoaʻi family, it appears that he was destined to hitch wrestling. Roman joined WWE in



2010, however, he created an impressive debut along with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins as a section of “The Shield.” Throughout his entire career, he’s three times WWE Heavyweight



Champion and therefore the winner of Royal Rumble 2015 with a record of most elimination with twelve in 2014 event. it’d be interesting to follow his graph in next one year to envision

wherever his WWE career is leading to WWE Highest Paid WWE Wrestler.



5. Seth Rollins: Annual Salary: $2.4 Million

One Most Popular WWE wrestlers, Lopez WHO standard with his ring name Rollins joined WWE in 2010. Until date he has won one Heavyweight Champion, one WWE tag team with



Roman conjointly virtuoso of the year in 2015. Several veteran fighters have named him the first talent wrestler to work. With AN Annual earnings of over 2 million Seth Rollins is a

wrestler to stay an eye on whereas he looks forward to reclaiming heavyweight title at cash in the Bank 2016.

4. Randy Orton: Annual Salary: $2.7 Million

Randy Orton joined WWE in 2001 and has won twelve world champion title and four times World heavyweight championships. At 27, he was the youngest betray champion in WWE.


Aside from wrestling, he has starred in several movies like That’s What I’m a 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded.



3. Triple H: Annual Salary: $2.8 Million

Triple H begins his career in WWE in the year 1995, and his 1st dominant win as WWF Championship was in 1999. Over the time, he won fourteen major world championships. He



is presently the COO of WWE and also participated in WrestleMania 2016 and earned his 14th WWE Championship. Triple H is also a real performer outside WHO started the new NXT in


2012 and currently takes care of overall production, events, creativity.

2. John Cena: Annual Salary: $9.5 Million

John Cena could be a skilled fighter and rapper WHO signed to WWE. He signed the contract with WWF in 2001 and debuted in 2002. So far won 24 championship titles, two Royal Rumble



titles and Ladder Match money in the Bank winner in 2012. Apart from wrestling, he has conjointly re-leased album “ You Can’t See Me” that made a debut at number fifteen on



United States billboard. Also, we have seen him in dozens of flicks like the Marine, Legendary, Trainwreck, Sisters then on. With several abilities and one of the favorite

wrestlers of all time, John Cena no doubt gains the second spot in being the wealthiest Hight Paid WWE Wrestler of 2017.



1. The Rock: Annual Salary: net Worth; $125 million

Rock could be a semi-retired fighter WHO created big each inside and outside the ring. He’s a Canadian and Yankee actor and soldier WHO started with WWE in 1996, and there had been



no stopping him ever since. As of nowadays, he has won seventeen championships and conjointly numbers sixth Triple Crown Champion in the history of WWE. Besides his wrestling


career, he has conjointly given super hit movies like quick and Furious, The Scorpion King, Hercules and far a lot.


Top 10 WWE Most Highest Paid WWE Wrestler 2018


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